Director's Biography

Camilo Cavalcante has worked as a producer, screenwriter and director since 1995.

He made 14 short films in different formats from VHS to Digital, as well as 16 mm and 35 mm. Among them: LEVIATÃ; O VELHO E O MAR E O LAGO; A HISTÓRIA DA ETERNIDADE; RAPSÓDIA PARA UM HOMEM COMUM; O PRESIDENTE DOS ESTADOS UNIDOS; AVE MARIA OU MÃE DOS SERTANEJOS and MY WAY, for which he has received more than 120 prizes.  

He directed, in partnership with Cláudio Assis, the documentary EU VOU DE VOLTA.

For the theater, he directed the monologue O CÃO SEM PLUMAS, based on the poem by João Cabral de Melo Neto.

He produced and directed the TV series OLHAR, that is now airing on the Canal Brasil TV channel.

He is the founder of CINEMA VOLANTE LUAR DO SERTÃO which shows short films for free in cities in the semi-arid region.

He is currently doing post-production of the documentary BECO and working on the pre-production of KING KONG EN ASUNCIÓN, his second feature film.