Producer's biography

Production Company with 18 years in the market directed by Marcello Ludwig Maia since it’s beginning, República Pureza has in it’s portfolio of productions, co productions and associated productions films and documentaries such as Diary of a Crisis" and "The Hungarian Passport", by Sandra Kogut, "Um Filme de Cinema", "Moacir, Art Brut" and "Lunário Perpétuo", by Walter Carvalho, "The Herb of the Rat" and “Sentimental Education” by Julio Bressane. “Yellow Mango” and “Rat Fever” by Claudio Assis and “Faroeste Caboclo” by René Sampaio.

Among the projects in development there are the feature length film “Galáxias” by Fabiano Maciel (post production), for 2014, “A Frente Fria que A Chuva Traz” by Neville D’Almeida.